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Hilton Aruba — Andaz Tokyo — Four seasons

An avid traveler, Janice knows firsthand the importance of centering yourself even in unfamiliar locations and the role the hospitality industry plays in this. 

Travel &

dr. teals — maison margiela — popsugar

Believing that happiness stems from feeling your best self inside & out, Janice brings a personable and elegant aesthetic to the wellness space

self-care & wellness

Athleta — Lululemon — Underarmour — Manduka

With 16 years of experience in yoga, Janice brings a deep understanding of the human body and the importance of movement to partner brands. 

Yoga &


lovesac — uplift desk

There's nothing better than feeling spacious – in mind, body, spirit...and home! Janice shares her journey of cultivating spaces that align for a more spacious home & life! 

Home & Lifestyle

Book Janice for Events

Your audience will have the tools to make a change! Janice will give them tangible ideas on how they can show up with purpose every day.

Janice will bring a fresh perspective to your audience. She tells the story of how she went against the odds and fulfilled her own dreams, helping others do this too. 

An internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and business coach, Janice will educate your audience on how they can achieve their goals and elevate their lives.

Whether in yoga or business, Janice will show your audience how they have the power to transform their mind, body, and spirit.

Janice will leave your audience feeling empowered. If their life is going one way while their dreams are going another, she shares the message that you have the power to follow your dreams… Leaving them saying, “YES, I CAN!”

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with Janice

Tune into interviews with Janice on chasing dreams in yoga leggings 

yoga + business artistry — with janice liou

how to be your authentic self
no more distractions

From taking the leap and saying goodbye to a life of accolades in academia and medicine and hello to chasing dreams in yoga leggings, Janice shares the ups, downs, and all the in-betweens of a life with zero regrets and a life of limitless opportunities.

powerful & purposeful content
the yoga biz podcast

building a soulful business
nourished with anna


in the


Janice takes readers through her morning routine which includes meditation, a healthy breakfast, skincare, and yoga. 

“The Morning Routine This Yoga Teacher Follows To Start Her Day On The Right Note.” 


Janice shares her go-to stretching routine to help with tight hip flexors. Detailing that while everyone can benefit from this, it is especially helpful if you are someone that sits a lot or works in an office.

“22 Stretching Workouts On YouTube That Will Soothe Your Muscles and Loosen You Up.” 


Featuring her yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali, Janice shares her journey into yoga and starting her business. Aimed at anyone who feels stuck in a routine and is not inspired - her hope for her students is for them to look at their mindsets and be open to possibilities.

“An Awakening Bali Adventure.”


Janice uncovers how looking your best can help you feel your best and how her go-to outfit puts a pep in her step and boosts her confidence, helping her power through to her fullest potential! 

“Sweating In Style: The Rise Of Fashion Fitness Influencers.”


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